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Engineered Concrete Driveway Systems

We design and build concrete driveways to impress and last for years.

Our commercial-grade quality and 18-point protocol ensure we consistently deliver excellence.

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Having worked in concrete as a younger man and having that knowledge behind me, i was very particular about who would pour and finish my 1,100 square foot patio. I met with multiple contractors and chose Summit Concrete and Construction. These guys did exactly as advertised. They back put down commercial grade weed blocker, rebar on chairs every 18" and used chat instead of dirt for fill. They worked with me in design and were flexible to my changes as the project developed. I can say with zero hesitation that i would recommend and use Alan and Dexter and Summit Construction again for my projects. Great company!!!
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Kevin Fiske Avatar
Kevin F.
5 years ago

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Financing for Everyone

What is financing for home construction projects?

It's easy and quick.

We quote your project, like any other project.

Should you want to make monthly payments instead of all up-front:

  1. You bring up financing in our conversations
  2. We ask some basic questions to know how best to recommend you apply
  3. You apply and get approved
  4. We get paid directly from the loan and you pay the loan off monthly over the number of years you choose to finance
  5. You're enjoying your upgrade without touching your retirement or other savings!
Who can apply?

We only recommend financing partners that have flexible approval criteria with reasonable rates.

What are my alternatives?

We require a lump sum payment to start and schedule your project, then another large portion midway through, then a final payment percentage.

If you don't have the cash available right now to make the initial payment and the next payments (typically within 1-4 weeks), financing lets you get your project started now and pay over time – without dipping into your retirement or home equity line of credit, which are commonly-used alternatives.

Can I finance a portion of the project?

Yes! Financing can supplement your project budget, allowing you to afford your ideal upgrades while paying for a portion of it from your savings.

This helps avoid touching your retirement savings and keeping the right amount in your personal savings without delaying your home improvements.

Can I pay it off early?

Yes, of course. We only work with financing companies that have high acceptance rates with minimal fees and reasonable rates.

Choosing a longer repayment term might have a slightly higher interest rate but allows more flexibility for how much extra to pay each month.

You can also make lump sum extra payments, such as from your year-end bonus, tax refund, or if you sell your house.

What about my local bank?

If you have a good relationship with your banker, your local bank is a great resource, and we recommend discussing your project with them in advance of our initial meeting – since we provide in-person estimates and take your specific property's existing features into consideration.

Our financing partners are tailored to home remodeling and construction projects and have their workflow optimized for our building process.

We don't make money off these financing referrals but know that they help your project get started and completed sooner.

First checking with your local bank can help you decide on your project budget and be a reference to compare to the rates our partners can offer – so you can pick the one that's right for you.

Do you receive my banking information?

No. Summit Concrete doesn't take your application and doesn't receive your personal details from the financing company.

We offer this service to help you get your ideal home upgrades and get your project started this year, not 5 years from now!

Apply for a home improvement loan