Yes, Driveways are a Home Improvement Project

Published: April 11, 2022


Creative driveways began to appear on properties during the second half of the nineteenth century. Curbing—trimmed margins of cobblestone, cut stone, brick, shells, or clay tile—began to occur, as did semicircular drives and curved paths, as well as the installation of curbing. Although brick, stone, and flagstone pathways became more popular, gravel was still the dominant surfacing medium.

In 2012, Summit Concrete and Construction Company LLC recognized the need for well-designed and lasting driveway systems. Through the execution of the ACI Protocol, Summit was able to make residential driveways a home improvement project.

This strict protocol (ACI Protocol) is used for driveways, patios, and flat work systems. When considering a new driveway, contemplate these factors:

  • Safety – Uneven driveway surfaces are a tripping hazard
  • Aesthetic – Create more curb appeal for your home
  • Drainage Issues – Due to heaving of old concrete, water may leak into the garage and may cause flooding to existing landscaping.

According to engineers, driveways done correctly should last multiple generations. For example, if you pay $12,000 for a driveway, that’s only a $166.66 a year for a new driveway. That is a tremendous bang for your buck!

Building a driveway or patio takes a team of qualified professionals. We are licensed, bonded, and insured with years of experience creating beautiful and lasting patios. Learn more about our services by contacting Summit Concrete & Construction today.

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My driveway was in desperate need of repair/replacement. Summit explained replacement is the only real option. I had other bids, but did not get a feeling they were reliable. Travis and Alan were responsive and helpful. They poured the concrete with the rebar suspended to allow it to strengthen just like you would see on a highway or high traffic street. The crew did a great job and completed the task within two days which included the walkway to my front door. Never thought I would have neighbors tell me how great my driveway looks.
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