Three Keys to Installing a Concrete Deck

Published: May 15, 2021


It’s almost summer, so it’s time once again to head outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. One of the best ways to spend time at home during the warmer months of the year is on a deck or a patio, which can function as a gathering place, a play area, or even a location to enjoy fresh air. When it comes to installing a deck, a concrete deck is usually the way to go. So, what do you need to know about this process? We have a few keys to keep in mind.

Three Keys to Installing a Concrete Deck

1. Nail Down Purpose, Location, and Size

Any time you take on a big home improvement project, you can count on there being a lot of decisions to make. This is especially true for outdoor home improvement projects since there is so much free space to take advantage of. For that reason, you will need to think about three main factors before you start on your installation.


First and foremost, you need to be clear about the purpose of your deck. What you plant to use the deck for will inform all of your future decisions about the installation. Some people like to install a simple concrete deck to make cookouts less of a fire hazard; others install decks that merge with other areas of the backyard or the front yard, such as a sidewalk or a pool area. Knowing the purpose for your deck will ensure that you are happy with the final product.


Depending on the current design of your house, you may opt for a front deck, a back deck, or even a side deck. The location of your installation will be key when it’s time to make design decisions, particularly when it comes to factors such as lawn design.


Along with the location of your deck, the size of your deck is also a big decision to make. The nice thing about concrete is that you can easily add on to a deck later if you ever want to expand. The size and shape of your deck is something that can be completely customized to the vision you have for your home.

2. Explore Design Details

There are many design details you will need to explore before your installation can begin. Apart from the size, shape, and location of your deck, you will also need to think about other details. For example, should your deck be flat, or should it have steps? Will your deck need to connect to other areas of your back or front yard? Will your deck need to accommodate existing plant life, such as a beloved tree?

Each of these details will determine the final outcome of your project so be sure to think about them carefully. There are additional design details you will also need to consider, including:

Concrete Texture

Concrete is made with three basic ingredients (concrete, sand, and aggregate) but there are plenty of textural choices you can make. For example, exposed aggregate is a popular texture that allows the pebble or rocks in the concrete mix to rise to the surface of the final product. Depending on the size and color of the aggregate used, the pebble texture can be very sophisticated for decks.

Concrete Color

You can also choose an integrated color for your deck. Using an integrated color treatment on concrete can help your deck match the overall design of your home and can be done in a variety of shades to complement the color scheme of your home. With integrated color techniques, your deck doesn’t have to be grey unless you want it to be.

Concrete Design

You can also choose the type of design you want your concrete to have. For example, imprinted or embossed concrete is a popular design choice that can elevate the appearance of your deck. These days, it’s very simple to use a design that will make your concrete look like flagstones or to have certain other textures.  

3. Use a Professional Service

The final key for installing your deck will be to use a professional service. As tempting as it may be to DIY you way to a new outdoor design, it’s ultimately a better choice to rely on professionals to complete your installation. For example, professional installation will mean that your project is done correctly, by the book, and up to the code of your area. And while it may look like pouring concrete is a simple task, it’s actually not very easy to mix concrete correctly or keep concrete level as it dries.

The Benefits of a Professional Service

Aside from the accuracy provided by a professional concrete service and the quality of work you will be able to enjoy, there are a few other reasons why hiring a professional service for your deck installation is a good idea. One major consideration to make is how much less stressful it will be to hire a professional for your project, particularly because you can count on there being no mistakes in the completion of your projects.

Hiring professionals will also save you time and money. A professional service will be able to approach your installation in a time-efficient way and will have access to materials at a lower cost than you might pay out of pocket for a DIY project. This benefit can be even more important if your deck design is large, since completing a large project by yourself within a certain timeframe may be too challenging. 

Why Should You Install a Concrete Deck?

All this time talking about the keys to installing a deck made of concrete and we haven’t covered why concrete is an ideal material to use. There are actually several reasons why concrete is a better option than wood. The biggest reason is that concrete is much lower maintenance than wood since you won’t need to worry about termites, weathering, or wood splitting from inclement weather. Decks made of concrete need fewer repairs and also last longer.

Concrete-style decks are also heartier, which means they will survive better in inclement weather. It’s also easier to take care of this type of deck during the colder months since all you will need to do is salt your deck when it’s supposed to snow or freeze. Even composite decks don’t do as well as concrete during the colder parts of the year, which can be a serious disadvantage in our neck of the woods.

What Else Do You Need to Know About Deck Installation?

Concrete is a highly durable and very versatile material to use for a deck. Not only is it easy to customize your design to your exact needs or house design, but these decks are also more cost-effective in the long run. Using a professional concrete service will ensure that your installation is flawless and completed on time.

When it’s time to install a deck for your home so you can enjoy the summer months, hiring a professional service is always the way to go. The quality of your professional installation will be much higher and longer-lasting than any DIY attempts. To learn more about installing a concrete deck for your home with a professional service, please contact Summit Concrete in Tulsa OK today.

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