9 Things to Consider When Concreting a Backyard

Published: August 2, 2021


Concreting a backyard in Tulsa, OK, is an ideal way to enjoy long, sunny days and warm, sweetly-scented nights. But you first need to make some decisions before the concrete gets poured. To illustrate, you need an ideal spot, the right size for your home and yard, and a shape that reflects your personal taste. You should also ask yourself a few other questions to ensure the space you create is nothing less than perfect.

9 Things to Consider When Concreting a Backyard in Tulsa, OK

1. The Spot

First things first, you need to choose the location of your concrete. Some homeowners want a patio directly off the backdoor, while others want it near a pool or in a shaded corner. We advise homeowners to consider their privacy needs. If neighbors are nearby, you may want to choose a more secluded spot for your patio. Also choose an area that works with your existing landscaping so you can keep distinctive attributes of your yard.

You should additionally give thought to how you want to use the patio. Will it be for relaxation? Or do you hope to entertain guests with lavish outdoor parties? These considerations can help you identify the best spot for your concrete.

2. Size Variations

Now that you have the perfect location identified, you need to choose the size of your patio. A larger one will give you and your family more space, while a smaller design will help maximize your backyard space. But keep in mind many homeowners underestimate how large their concrete should be. This is yet another reason why it’s important to know how you want to use the space.

The average size of a patio in the U.S. is roughly 16 feet by 18 feet. Within this area, you need ample room to accommodate traffic flow. Furniture should have a three-foot clearance perimeter so guests can sit, stand, and walk with ease. If your yard allows for it, the patio can be designed in proportion with the home. That is, the same width and as long as the home’s height. Alternatively, you can build the space so its size matches that of an interior room.

3. To Roof or Not to Roof

You may not have considered this with a patio, but a roof can improve its aesthetics and functionality. It casts shade to create a more comfortable space for you and your family. It also keeps the sun out of your eyes so you can enjoy your patio at different times throughout the day. And it will protect your outdoor furniture from damage caused by moisture and sunlight. Without a roof, your furniture will likely degrade more quickly.

Last but not least, a roof adds character to your patio. It can be designed in a variety of ways to complement your home, and you can further personalize it with touches like tall-growing ivy.

4. The Right Shape

Your concrete doesn’t have to run symmetrically to your house or even form a perfect square. It can also be asymmetrical – but still modern-looking – or incorporate voluptuous curves that flow with nature. Curved lines are especially trendy and add visual interest even when you’re not using the patio.

Keep in mind you and others will see your patio from inside the house and while in the yard. When concreting a backyard, you therefore want to coordinate with your home’s architecture. Following the shape and proportions of your home will ensure continuity from indoor living spaces to outdoors, but you should also feel free to get a little creative with the overall design.

5. A Proper Place for Plants

Adding plants and greenery to a completed patio can give it life. Shrubs can be used to create a border and reduce noise, while potted flowers can add interest and color. These elements also make a patio feel like a welcome place to be. Just make sure you first acknowledge whether you’re eager for a wide variety of plants or crave a low-maintenance environment.

In planning your landscaping, be sure to mark out space for a grill, fireplace, or firepit – or all three. These elements add ambiance, especially in the evening, and invite friends and family to stay and relax. Alternatively, or in addition, a water feature can help block noise from neighbors and a busy street. But you don’t want these features to compete for attention with plants, which is why they should be appropriately placed and spaced in relation to each other.

6. Comfortable Seating

This is an often overlooked aspect of outdoor space, but the seating you choose and the comfort it offers are important. Without a pleasant place to sit, you will not enjoy using your patio. Built-in seating looks pleasing and provides plenty of room for guests. You can also choose from outdoor sectionals, chairs made of synthetic rattan, or natural wicker.

Just remember that whatever material you choose will need to be cared for appropriately. Ensure cushions are washable and that if any pieces need to go indoors during inclement weather, you have a place to store them.

7. Lighting Options

You will need proper lighting to enjoy your Tulsa, OK, patio in the evenings and at night. Lighting can also add to the overall mood and help you craft a gorgeous space. It’s thus important you choose the right variety based on your patio’s character. Solar lighting is easy, maintenance-free, and very popular. It’s not as bright as traditional lighting, however, so you’ll need plenty of it.

LED lighting can also be installed, but you’ll need an electrician to do so. If your concrete aligns with the house, you can mount wall fixtures. A patio roof allows you to hang twinkly overhead lights. Finally, if the patio is away from the house, you might consider post lighting and/or movable lanterns. Add pathway lights if a sidewalk leads to your outdoor space. And feel free to decorate surrounding trees with lights as well.

8. Maintenance

In concreting the backyard, you likely want a system that is easy to maintain year-round. This means spending your time enjoying the patio, not cleaning it. This is one of just many qualities that makes concrete so appealing: a regular sweep to remove debris, leaves, and dirt is typically enough.

You’ll also want to occasionally wash the concrete with a mixture of baking soda, water, and liquid dish detergent. Spray it onto the surface, allow it to sit for a half-hour, and then scrub and rinse. If you plan to eat on your patio during barbecues and parties, be prepared to quickly wipe up spills. And mop away standing water. If you don’t, green slime can grow and mar the beauty of your new space.

9. Underground Utilities

Before moving forward with your patio, you must consider the location of underground utilities, including:

  • Gas lines
  • Plumbing
  • Water
  • Cable and Internet

You will not be able to perform any digging until all underground utilities (if applicable) have been identified. Contacting your Tulsa, OK, utility providers is a good idea so you know exactly where these lines run. Then you can proceed safely.

A custom patio can be an extension of interior living, providing a multi-use space for gathering, entertaining, and even lounging. It connects you and your family with the outdoors and allows you to revel in the beauty of nature. But first, you need to make your vision a reality. That’s what we’re here for. Together, we can create an outdoor space you’re sure to love. For your free in-person estimate, contact Summit Concrete today.

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