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A professional tile removal company will not know how to remove the carpet and find it difficult to remove the underlying hardwood. They will also not outsource a different contractor to remove tiles in a different location of the property. A company that has a specialty in only one material will typically have limited equipment and personnel. They may also lack the necessary licensing and documentation to remove all forms of floors

Floor removal services from Floor Dozers

We have a scraper that can fit through any door setting. Our skills can rip up both hard and soft flooring. You can trust that the entire process will be free of both dust and other smoke toxins from the machine. Here are all the materials that we can work on in both residential and commercial projects.

  • Tile removal
  • Bathroom floor removal
  • Linoleum removal
  • Vinyl removal
  • Concrete removal
  • Wood removal
  • Kitchen floor removal
  • Basement floor removal
  • Epoxy removal
  • Carpet removal 

Types of ceramic flooring

The technical requirements of ceramic floors stay the same across all other flooring materials. The difference is the texture and size of the floor. Ceramic floors are easy to clean and maintain, regardless of the specificity of the floor.

  • Different types of ceramic tiles
  • Glazed and unglazed
  • Finished and semi-finished flooring, which includes gloss, matte, and high gloss finishing
  • Porcelain and non-porcelain. Porcelain may be expensive to install, but it is cheaper to maintain and will offer more extended durability, whereas non-porcelain is economical
  • Ingredient makeup of the porcelain can include clay, different mineral mixtures and variant heating kilns 

What you should know about removing tiles

Tile removal companies in Chandler follow a two-part process in peeling off the floor. They have to rip off the top layer and then remove the underlying adhesive. Different methods may be used to remove different adhesions. DIY projects apply water and heat to melt hard adhesives. A professional company may purchase solvents that break down the bonds faster. 

Tile installation in the 1960s often involved the use of asbestos. Contractors also used the material to bond vinyl and linoleum in the 80s. You can verify the presence of asbestos by studying the color of the adhesive. Black or tar-like adhesives signify the presence of asbestos. This setup is one of the main reasons why most people prefer to hire a contractor who will prevent health risks that arise from inhaling the chemicals.

There are many other tasks involved in the removal of tiles. Floor Dozers can handle the relocation of furniture and cope with the spread of unwanted materials. Homeowners would want to maintain their floor installations for long to escape the chaos of removing tiles. 

Maintaining tile floor types

Glazed porcelain

This tile is easy to maintain and will only require the use of soft cleaners like fabric mops.

Non-glazed porcelain

The versatility of this floor requires different maintenance schemes. The characteristic of each material will determine the exact cleaning procedure.

Tile removal companies in Chandler will help you refresh an old home by prepping for the installation of a new floor. It is, however, vital that you maintain a top floor to minimize the frequency of tile replacement.


Tile Removal Companies Chandler

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