Pergola Construction Tulsa Ok

Pergola Construction Tulsa Ok

Do you love spending time outdoors? What if it was possible to do it even more often, regardless of the time or weather. This can be a reality with the help of pavilions and pergolas. Both structures are guaranteed to enhance your entire outdoor experience. A pavilion doesn’t have walls but comes with a complete roof. On the other hand, pergola construction in Tulsa OK comes with a slatted roof that lets in the sun. With pergolas and pavilions, you can relax outside or even entertain family and friends.

At Summit Concrete and Construction Company, LLC, we can custom-build outdoors pergolas and pavilions. There’s no limit to what we can construct together to actualize your outdoor living space. Whether it’s cedar pergola and pavilions in Tulsa or anything else you have in mind, we’ve got you covered.

Ideas for the Best Pergolas for Your Home

If you’re considering adding a Tulsa pergola, here are some ideas:

  • Install A Standalone Pergola

The presence of a standalone pergola gives your property a whole different vibe that attracts all the attention. It’s an excellent choice if you need a central place to gather with family and friends. To ensure you have enough space for hosting, you can add custom benches. And if staying out at night is your thing, put up lights. Here, you have so many options, from LED lighting to string lights and more.

  • Add Extra Shade

If you live in a really sunny location, you can add more shade to your pergola by using a retractable canopy or creeping plants. In addition to considerably improving the shade your pergola provides, the plants are also quite appealing. Allowing vines to weave around the structure creates a dreamy, welcoming setting.

Ideas for the Best Pavilions for Your Home

Want to go all out? A pavilion will help you maximize your outdoor space and enable you to take almost all indoor activities outside. Here are some ideas for your Tulsa pavilion:

  • Put Retractable Blinds

The wind can blow rain inside your pavilion, and the sun can be very blinding as it goes down. To prevent all these, you install retractable blinds. That way, come rain, come shine, you can still stay under the pavilion in absolute comfort.

  • Outdoor Kitchen

Why not have an outdoor kitchen in your garden complete with a seating area, grill, and fridge. It’s a great way to entertain your guests without making endless trips in and out of your indoor kitchen.

  • Poolside Shade

For friends and family who would rather enjoy the outside weather than swim, a pavilion right next to the poolside is an excellent option. On the other hand, swimmers can also seek shade under the pavilion if they get tired or it suddenly rains.

Add Style Your Outdoor Space

At Summit Concrete and Construction Company, LLC, we’re premier builders of pavilions. We also specialize in pergola construction in Tulsa OK. Our dedicated and passionate wood pergola and pavilion contractors understand every client is unique. That’s why we’re experts in building a range of designs and styles that will meet your specific needs. Whatever idea you have in mind, we’ll bring it to life. Receive a no-obligation free, in-person estimate: Take a second to view our impressive portfolio:

Pergola Construction Tulsa Ok

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Pergola Construction Tulsa Ok

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