8 Reasons to Add a Colored Concrete Patio

Published: May 15, 2021


If you’re thinking about a patio in Tulsa, OK, we say congratulations; this step will add living space and improve your home’s resale value. But take your time in choosing the building material, as the right one can save money and maintenance time. In fact, you might consider something unique altogether: a colored concrete patio that is both aesthetically pleasing and heavy-duty.

1. Unbeatable Durability

When done correctly, concrete can last for generations. It can also endure most weather conditions, including snow, rain, and cold. And in contrast to wooden decks, the optional sealant application that extends longevity is much easier for concrete, allowing you to safeguard your investment with minimal effort. To illustrate, a five-gallon can will cover 1,000 square feet and only needs to be redone every two or three years.

Wooden decks, on the other hand, should be sealed and stained annually. This means they also require power washing and sanding each year. You must likewise check for and replace loose nails and screws. In short, you’ll save time and money with a colored concrete patio – allowing you to enjoy this work of art rather than constantly strive to maintain it.

What About Pavers?

Pavers can be arranged in attractive patterns, and they will also last decades if given a proper base. But they often shift and must then be readjusted. In addition, pavers don’t endure the elements with the same tenacity as concrete, and grasses, weeds, and other vegetation can spring between them.

Keep in mind concrete is carefully planned, with joints placed to ensure strength. And steel rebar, which we use in every job, reinforces your patio where soil quality makes for a poor foundation and/or extreme weather conditions threaten its integrity.

2. Versatile Enough to Match Your Tulsa, OK, Home

When you think of a patio, you likely envision something that looks like the material it’s made from. This is certainly true when speaking of wood or stone. Traditional wooden decks follow straight lines with basic stain and sealant colors. Likewise, patios made from crushed limestone or gravel offer quick, inexpensive solutions but limited color and style choices.

One of the great advantages of concrete is that you can make it look like almost anything. Your patio will never match your friend’s or neighbor’s unless that’s what you want. A particular shape, pattern, or curve can be incorporated, allowing you to match your home, outdoor decor, and/or personal style. Available finishing techniques include:

  • Blended colors
  • Stamping patterns
  • Geometric designs
  • Embossing or engraving
  • Complex faux finishes

3. Easy Maintenance

We touched on this earlier but want to reiterate that maintenance is a breeze. For instance, you can keep your colored concrete patio looking its best with routine cleaning. This removes dirt and debris to keep your colors vibrant. Sealants prevent surface damage, and immediately removing spills can prevent discoloration.

Pavers – including natural stone and brick – aptly absorb moisture thanks to their porous nature. This creates aesthetic problems with mold and moss growth, rust, and staining, especially in areas of frequent shade. The only way to address these concerns is with elbow grease or power washing; the former is exhausting and the latter tends to dislodge your pattern. Concrete eliminates these worries.

Easy Steps to Follow

Here are a few more suggestions for maintaining concrete: limit the weight you put on your patio – this means no oversized vehicles, which should be kept in the driveway – and avoid using the wrong chemicals. For instance, certain deicers can permeate the sealant and hurt your concrete. Fertilizers can likewise cause stains, and certain household products are likely to cause more harm than good. Opt instead for cleaners made specifically for concrete.

4. Budget-Friendly

Concrete is a more affordable material than stone, brick, or wood and therefore gentler on your pocket. It’s less labor-intensive than designing and building a wooden deck. And wood and pavers alike deteriorate more quickly and require more money for maintenance and re-build costs.

From a patio that resembles marble to one that looks like stone, colored concrete can deliver the appearance you want. The difference is that a marble patio, as gorgeous as it might look, would cost a fair chunk of change. Concrete allows you to enjoy the same effect in Tulsa, OK, with a much more affordable price tag.

5. Improve Your Home’s Value and Curb Appeal

We’re about to let you in on a secret that may catch you by surprise: patios are one of the foremost features home buyers look for when viewing properties. A report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) tells us a new patio is, in fact, one of the top five qualities likely to increase your home’s resale value. Colored patios only ramp up a patio’s desirability because it enhances curb appeal.

Let’s return to the concept of versatility for a moment. Even if your yard is small and can comfortably hold no more than a 160 square foot patio, that patio is still highly functional. You can use it for outdoor entertaining, a container garden, or a smart transition from your indoor space to that of the outdoors.

Attractive and Functional

When you combine this with a beautiful color palette, rather than the traditional gray everyone imagines with concrete, your patio space becomes that much more appealing. Estimates from the NAR suggest a concrete patio measuring 18′ x 20′ will return at least 69% of your investment – and help sell your home more quickly.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Concrete is considered a highly sustainable building material for these reasons:

  • It is made with cement, gravel, water, and sand and therefore a natural building material
  • Can be completely recycled
  • Consumes little energy during production

We calculate the precise amounts of water, cement, and other components needed for your job. This allows us to optimally use all materials, which adds up to cost savings for you and a smaller impact on the environment.

7. Seamless Installation

We’ve touched on this already, but it deserves more attention. The installation process for a concrete patio is relatively straightforward, likely more so than you think. We designate the pattern and pour on-site. We follow four key steps to create the exact patio shape and size you want:

  • Mark and excavate
  • Assemble and level
  • Mix and pour the concrete
  • Finish the concrete

Once the concrete is cured, you can begin to personalize your patio with furniture, plants, or other items that reflect your unique style. For many families, this becomes a spot to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty.

8. Extra Living Space

That brings us to our next point: in Tulsa, OK, where four seasons provide plenty of scenery, the concept of more room to stretch, watch the sunset, or enjoy dinner is undeniably appealing. Installing a patio adds another living space without knocking down walls or adding square feet. And a colored concrete patio provides a unified look that adds both interest and function to your yard.

A patio is a great idea, and we’re here to help plan, design, and create yours. Using an 18-point protocol, we ensure consistent and quality results. And with materials that will last decades, you can count on enjoying your patio now and well into the future. Get your free in-person estimate today by contacting Summit Concrete & Construction in Tulsa, OK.

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