8 Amazing Concrete Patio Ideas for 2021

Published: July 1, 2021


If you’re adding a concrete patio to your home, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out what design and ideas you’re going to use. Even if you’re only remodeling your existing patio, it’s still a challenging task. Here at Summit Concrete & Construction in Tulsa, OK, we know just how important it is to find the right concrete patio ideas that will elevate your outdoor living space. So if you need some inspiration, you’re in the right place. We’ve got all the best new ideas for 2021 compiled right here for you.

1. Use a Stamped Concrete Overlay

A stamped concrete overlay is the perfect design idea for 2021, especially if you already have an existing concrete patio you want to upgrade. That’s because using a stamped concrete overlay is the most affordable way to create a brand new surface without demolishing your existing patio and then having to undergo an expensive re-pour. Or, we can build you an entirely new concrete patio using this technique if you’re starting from scratch.

What’s the best part about using a stamped overlay for your patio? The endless versatility and available designs make it one of the best patio ideas for 2021. We have overlay patterns that can make your new patio look like bricks, stone, flagstone pavers, tile, virtually any design or look that you want. In fact, the techniques we use can mimic the look of any other building material perfectly, to the point where even you won’t be able to tell the difference.

2. Try a Wood Stamped Overlay

Are you in love with the look of wood but you can’t afford it? Maybe you don’t want to deal with the costly and time-consuming process of resealing and refinishing it every year. Remember, wood only lasts so long. It may look amazing, but it will eventually begin to splinter and decay. Concrete doesn’t have that problem: it’s one of the strongest and most durable building materials in the world.

Instead of worrying about the maintenance and upkeep of wood, we can use an overlay that will make your patio look like it’s been constructed from wooden planks nailed together. Our expert craftsmen will create a detailed look that even has individual nail holes on each “plank.” It creates a stunning visual effect that gives you the gorgeous wood look you want with none of the hefty expense or constant resealing associated with using natural wood.

3. Match Your Existing Décor

Another choice you can use with a stamped overlay is to match it to your home’s exterior or existing décor. For instance, if your home has stone accents, we could do a simple yet elegant stone lookalike border that looks authentic yet doesn’t have the enormous price tag that comes with using real stone. Matching your existing décor is the perfect way to seamlessly tie in your outdoor patio with the rest of your home and property.

4. Create a Colored Concrete Patio

When you think of concrete, you’re probably thinking of a plain gray surface without much color or pizazz. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Your concrete patio doesn’t have to be gray just because that’s the color of concrete. Instead, you can use colored concrete, which you can get in virtually every color. Most people use “stained” or “finished” concrete, but this is essentially a temporary process that will eventually fade and require refinishing.

At Summit Concrete, we use an innovative process to mix colored concrete that doesn’t require refinishing. Instead of using a stain or a finisher, we directly integrate the color pigments with the concrete itself. This exclusive technique actually colors the concrete instead of only coloring its surface, creating a rich and permanent hue that won’t need refinishing every few years.

5. Add Design Elements

One of the trendiest patio ideas for 2021 is to add design elements to elevate the look of your outdoor living space. Don’t worry, we can help you find some inspiration or you can use one of our templates if you find yourself lacking some great ideas. We’ll also assign you a Project Manager, which will help oversee the design process so you can find the right design for your home.

For example, we could add a repeating vine pattern all throughout the patio floor so that your bland concrete patio transforms into a beautiful work of art. Or, you could have a geometric design that creates a modern and contemporary feel. We could also use randomly placed patterns that will give your patio a more natural and organic feel. We have many different designs you can use as an accent, a pattern, anything you want—the limit is your imagination.

Create a Border

Another popular option for adding in design elements is creating a border. We already mentioned one idea: a faux stone border, but we can mimic virtually any building material you want. One of the best new ideas for 2021 is using a herringbone pattern, which provides a dazzling design that draws the eye and gives your patio a bold, modern look. We can also use different pigments for the border to give it even more of a distinctive and bold look for your patio.

6. Concrete Flagstone Pavers

Another popular idea for a concrete patio is to create a look that mimics flagstone pavers. As you may already know, flagstone pavers can be extremely expensive to use for an outdoor living space. By using our concrete overlays that can mimic the look of flagstone, you can have a beautiful patio that looks so real, it will even fool you.

We can even make the flagstone pattern with irregular edges or borders, so it looks like natural stone that was laid piece by piece—except without all the expense that comes with using raw or finished stone. One of our most popular designs is using the flagstone pavers in a circular pattern, which is an unexpected design that looks chic and elegant.

7. Polished Concrete Patio

Polishing your existing patio is one of the best concrete patio ideas for 2021 that can help you upgrade your outdoor living space. If your existing concrete patio is full of cracks or even damaged, polishing can also help restore it back to good condition again.

Polishing concrete is just what it sounds like: grinding and polishing concrete to a high gloss finish. Essentially, the process is like sandblasting a wood floor. First, we’ll grind down your existing patio, and then we use an innovative technique to polish it, adding high shine and making it incredibly easy to clean, too. The polishing process can transform a simple and drab-looking concrete patio and turn it into something elevated and much more sophisticated for your outdoor living space.

8. Add a Lowered Fire Pit and a Floating Bench

Another great idea for a concrete patio is adding a lowered fire pit accented by a floating concrete bench. A floating bench is essentially a concrete plank that juts out from an exterior wall, creating seating without using up a lot of room (or buying expensive patio furniture). This makes it perfect for hosting parties with family and friends, and you won’t have to worry about seating everyone since there will be plenty of space.

If you add a fire pit and put the floating bench around it, you’ll have transformed your outdoor living space into an area where family and friends can spend time. So whether you want to hang out around the fire on a warm summer night, grill some burgers, or even have a party, you’ll be spending every single weekend hanging out on your new patio.

If any of these concrete patio designs caught your eye, we can help. We have the experience, skill, and artistry it takes to turn a simple patio or backyard into someplace beautiful where you’ll want to spend all your time. We genuinely care about our clients, and we want you to be absolutely thrilled with the work we’ve completed. Contact Summit Concrete & Construction here in Tulsa, OK, today and learn more about how we can help you build or remodel an amazing new concrete patio for your home. 

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