16 Great Ideas for Pergolas on Concrete Patios

Published: July 5, 2021


Although lovely to look at, pergolas aren’t for mere decoration. They provide shelter from the wind, rain, and sun and provide a viable, comfortable living space outdoors. If you’ve been thinking about one for a while but are struggling to decide on a design, we’re here to help narrow and define your focus.

16 Great Ideas for Pergolas on Concrete Patios

1. Reclaimed Barn Wood

For a modern feel that works with any concrete patio color, choose a pergola trimmed with reclaimed barn wood. This option helps anchor patios with shape – such as one that’s curved rather than cut straight – and adds architectural interest. Barn wood also matches a variety of home designs, and you can build the actual structure with any wood of your choosing, including cedar for a more rustic feel or oak for more classic styling.

2. Embrace the Southwest

You can connect two or more exterior walls with a rugged-beamed pergola that mimics the American Southwest. This pairs beautifully with a concrete patio that contains pink, orange, or brown hues and helps unify an outdoor area. The pergola itself can also help cool interior rooms to reduce air conditioning use. Build the structure in dark wood and hang outdoor lights across the top to create an intimate atmosphere.

3. Contemporary Taste

If you like a minimalistic design, a contemporary pergola will suit your taste and decor to a tee. To illustrate, choose a flat and simple structure fashioned with light wood to echo your home’s pale exterior colors. Contemporary pergolas also work well with outdoor pools, modern fire pits, and/or pristine landscaping. Add sleek, understated furniture to complete this clean and relaxing space.

4. Incorporate Plants

Plants inherently make a spot more inviting, and this is just as true outdoors as indoors. You can create a rich and distinct pergola by adding climbing vines to the tops and sides. Take this one step further and create an outdoor eating space under the pergola with a table, chairs, and bar. This can serve as an extension of your actual home and complements any patio size, shape, or color.

5. Go Sleek

A pergola can be fashioned out of nearly any material you choose, including plumbing pipe. This makes a great choice for homes with sleek exteriors and provides an ultra-modern feel when coupled with a concrete patio. Also, keep in mind a pergola does not have to be made in any particular shape; if you want just a ceiling affixed to the back or side wall of your home, this can be easily constructed. In other words, feel free to use your imagination.

6. Filter Light

Define an outdoor space and filter strong sunlight with a carefully designed pergola. You’ll enjoy greater animation in your designated spot as the sun moves throughout the day from east to west, and you can help control the UV rays that penetrate your home’s interior. Comfortable outdoor furniture can add more life to this area and provide a chance to connect with nature.

7. Create Your Own Oasis

Seamlessly transition from indoors to out by adding a concrete patio adjacent to one of your home’s exterior walls. Then construct a pergola with flat, horizontal beams that maintain your view of the plants, trees, landscaping, river – whatever your backyard faces. Decorate this space with the same colors and materials as inside your home so it feels like a natural component of your indoor habitat.

8. Hot Tub Nook

You don’t need a pergola that projects far from your home or occupies a significant portion of your backyard. In fact, you can choose one that’s just big enough to provide privacy and shelter for your hot tub. Your concrete patio can then unite separate activity areas, such as an outdoor seating area or barbecue, for a cohesive space.

9. A Pergola of Any Size

Let’s talk for a moment about small spaces, in which pergolas can still be built. The key is in maximizing the space available. For instance, if you have a tiny backyard, construct the pergola and then add your outdoor furniture, grill, or other accessories. This is a great way to turn a small space into something glorious.

The same is true of a large backyard. Your pergola can extend across the entire exterior of your house if you so choose. This provides a protected space to entertain, enjoy meals, or simply watch the sunset – and you still have plenty of yard left to use as you wish. It’s best if a large pergola reflects your home’s exterior colors so they blend naturally. Add pops of color with turquoise, lime green, or other brightly colored chairs and cushions.

10. A Shaded Retreat

Once your pergola is constructed, you can incorporate custom-fabricated panels to create a fully shaded retreat. Simply have them cut to size and then attached to the ceiling of your structure. Clean with a hose as needed and finish with an outdoor sectional that allows you to kick back and relax.

11. A Place to Meditate

Your pergola isn’t strictly limited to entertaining, eating, or resting. You can create a lovely place for meditating and/or practicing yoga by incorporating a thatch roof. Decorate around the pergola with lush plants and place a thick, soothing rug atop the concrete patio. Then feel free to practice mental serenity in a cool and inviting space of your own making.

12. Cross-Beam Charm

A cross-beam pergola can help you create a simple, cozy spot with little more than a fire pit and Adirondack chairs. Hang string lights and enjoy the night sky as you roast marshmallows.

13. An Outdoor Kitchen 

Move your cooking techniques outside to a pergola fitted with outdoor appliances. For a unique twist, arrange chairs outside of the pergola where guests can sit. This allows you to keep the structure to yourself for whipping up appetizers, grilled sandwiches, cold drinks, and other delicious treats.  

14. Coastal Beauty

Just as your pergola can be created with different materials, you can also paint your structure to achieve unique aesthetics. If you’re partial to the ocean and want to add a sense of coastal living, paint your pergola in soft gray and incorporate furniture in soft creams and whites. Keep accessories simple and add floor plants with thick, green leaves. You might also want integrated color concrete in sandy tan to enhance the vibe.

15. Full Cover

Earlier, we mentioned adding custom-made shades to your pergola to block the sun. But you can also design a structure with a solid ceiling that provides full coverage. This is ideal for spots in high sunlight or people who want to relax in the cool shade.

16. Private Sanctuary

You don’t have to share your pergola with anyone, especially if it’s intended to be a private sanctuary. For instance, if your structure is built on a concrete patio directly off your bedroom, keep it secluded by lining the perimeter with large, thick plants. You can then use your pergola to watch the sunrise or sunset in total seclusion.

If you harbor dreams of a concrete patio and pergola design, let us bring your vision to life. We have decades of experience in creating outdoor living spaces, and we custom design every project to create exactly what you want. Contact Summit Concrete and Construction today to schedule your in-person estimate.

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